Friday, April 17, 2009

Lizard Ridge Explosion

OKayyyy, so, this is what happens when you make the dishcloth and love the pattern so much you want to make the throw. But because your printer is broken and you have a sleight case of ADD, you assume (be nice) that the dishcloth pattern is the same as the throw pattern just smaller, or something like that. Futhermore you have some cheap yarn that you prefer to experiment with that your kids thought was cute but you would not make anything to wear using. You mix two of these skeins and the colors just make you happy, kinda giddy, almost euphoric. You cant stop … you send the kids youknowwhere to buy more ugly cheap yarn. The brighter the better and dont try to match anything. Well to make a long story shorter somewhat, you and everyone else absolutely love the result.

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