Tuesday, May 26, 2009



It seems that I, a prolific knitter, at least in quantity of knitting if not in sophistication of knitting, am having an issue regarding yarnage. I am the proud owner of an envious stash of luxury yarns. I have hand dyed(s), hand spun(s), superwashes(s), silk blends, cashmerino, and several designer novelty yarns in sufficient quantity of afford a really significant project. The issue? It seems that I am stuck in a cheap scratchy brashly colored world of acrylic from the superstore. I cant bring myself to use the more mature and sophisticated yarns I have. For instance, I have been promising myself that I would make something just for me with a lovely supply of handspun wool in shades of pumpkin russet gold and a mix. Its been six months now and I havent touched the yarn. I made my cousin a prayer shawl with a gorgeous silk mohair and wool. The whole time I had this nagging feeling that I wasnt doing the yarn justice. That somehow, my knitting was not worthy of such a luxurious fiber mix. I have decided to force myself to use this yarn soon. But even as I type this, I am remembering the stash of cheap pink acrylic waitng in my craft closet. I may have to seek counsel. Pray for me.

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