Sunday, July 26, 2009


I cant believe E Lynn Harris is dead.

I finally ordered my own copy of Brick Lane after two years or so. I listened to the audiobook last year and loved it. So when they made a movie I was so excited. But the movie only showed at one theatre for a little while during which time I was ill. So I missed it. Waited and waited for the dvd, but no one rented it and it was like $26, (crazy for a video and I'm cheap too). So finally I found it for $5 on the net and yeahhhhh it was so good. loved it.

Now another one of my little quirky favorites is coming out. I always think the stuff I like is quirky, then I find out the whole world likes it too. Which in some weird way is a little disappointing to me. But, I digress. The time Travellers Wife .....yesssss, is coming out August 14th. Loved the book. cant wait.

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