Sunday, November 22, 2009


Finally my health allowed me to attend my own craft sale. My wonderful daughter and sister held the other ones down for me. So anyway, I didnt make as much money as I expected from what I will consider my first show. But I did have a great time. I met a ton of crafters. I even receive an email from one customer thanking me for making her dishcloth set. Can you imagine such nice people? So all in all I am very happy. I plan on doing 3 more holiday bazaars before the holiday. I will make more dishcloth sets, they sold really well. I had decided not to make anymore doll clothes but then I got a call from a lady who saw my neice's doll clothes and wants to order lots of outfits for her daughter and two of her friend's daughters. And she invited me to a craftshow at her daughter's school on the 14th that she swears I can sell out however much I can bring in. So I'm excited about that. I just love making crafts and I really want to share what I make. This is a great outlet for me. I could never use all the things I make.

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