Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well, I have begun the new year as I love to .... crafting. But I just haven't been able to commit to blogging the way I thought I would, even after getting all new computer equipment. So tonbight is time for recommittance to blogging. I will make an effort to log on for at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted posting at least twice a week. At this point I get on the computer and by the time I check email and my usual websites of interests, hours have accumulated and I feel I'm cheating my crafting so I log off without a word of posting. Event the times when i come to the blog I end up playing with the layout ... which i still am unsatisfied with. I am rtying out a few things right now because i felt like it needed some sprucing up but i havent found the right background or colors or banner yet. I will keep trying. But I have to commit to wirting somehting for an uninterrupted time in order to advance this blog as I know i can when i focus.

Speaking of which i would ike to share some pics from my new camera as well. Im just learning it too but its fun. I know several techiniques for better merchandise picture taking that i need to implement soon. For now I am just trying to get some stuff up and running.
These first pictures are my initial attempts at quilting. I thought I would make a few small projects so that i could experience a few techniquea relatively quickly. I lovedddd the english paper peicing of the hexagon quilted sewing machine cover. I needed something other that unfinished peices of material to cover my machine overnight as putting it up all the way was too much. Further I am not sure if yuou can call it a quilt if there is no batting or quilting. I like it this way but i definitely see where i would want the quilting for a cover of any kind. Also I made a cover for an old looseleaf that i need for project organization and maintenance. And I had a buch of these materials that i then realized I have always used in making trial projects, hence the pincushion which just happened to be sitting there when i took the pics.

Well I have wayyyyy surpassed my 15 minutes tonight. I have other things to share so I will return soon.

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