Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Some stuff I really find makes me happy has one thing in common, BLUE BLING!!!

Like.... condensation.... was like... getting on the furniture and stuff.... and i didnt have a coaster big enough for this mug... So like... now I do.

New dishtowel and 2 dish clothes made from leftover cotton yarn yeah. The last of the last of the leftovers made the mega coaster mentioned above.
My daughter (almost 18) begged me to make her a pillow with the rest of the doll coat fleece.
It's small but she likes it and came up with this really wierd trim from scraps.

Cellphone cases for both girls. I dont think they really liked them as much as they thought they would when they saw my camera case. Kinda hard to text constantly 24 hrs a day if the phone's in a case. Those of you with teens know what I'm talking about.
And, last but not least, the beginnings of a new project. Love these colors.

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