Saturday, February 19, 2011


After what turned out to be one of the wierdest couple of weeks ever, I finially finished my mug rugs for the swap. They weere some difficult little taskmaters. Especially, since I had to go without access to my machine for way too long. But I got some goo handwork experience in and I hope my partner enjoys them. One represents me here in MI with Olive Rose by Valorie Wells green and blue colorway. The other represents my partner in TX with the red orange brown colors. I love them all and seems like the more I use the more I have. I keep sneaking off my quilt stash but I just love the vibrant lush colors. So I even tried my hand at some applique of states sillouettes. The chop ( Looks like) and the mitten (all the way back to grade school). Thank God I dont live in the upper peninnsula. Any way, here's what I came up with, plus 2 little extras.

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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    I am so excited. I was so surprised that one of the mug rugs has an appliqué in the shape of Texas (my state) on one half and the card tricks block on the other half. What a lovely coincidence as I love to play cards. Beautiful. The mug rug with hues of blue and green with a heart appliqué and a star block and is lovely as well, not to mention the beautiful hand-made card. You are so clever. I would never have thought of making a card like that (now I can, haha). And you hand-sewed the mug rugs! I am indeed impressed. Thanks also for the hand-sewed pin and cute butterfly tassel “thingie” which is going to look great hooked onto my NOOK. Thanks, Lisa. What an exciting package!