Monday, March 16, 2009


The little hat for my upcoming cousin nephew is finished. This is my own design and i have kept meticulous notes from which I will write the pattern. Its actually really styled after a crown with knitted jewels, diamonds, a shaped crown with a star motif that ascends into bobble jewels and a top tassel made of knotted i-cord. I dont know if you can tell all that form the pics but maybe i can talk somebody into taking better pics for the pattern.

and I even made a pair of little footies to go with it. I still have enough of the green left over to add a motif or something to the navy that I am going to make his other stuff with. So, eventually he will have a really cute set.

And finally, I just want to say that I love my little Bella (16 yr old daughter). Everytime this girl goes somewhere, she buys me something. She is soooo sweet. The other day she bought me 2 roses, some Obama pins, and Delta Sigma Theta footies. Today she brought home this mug that she saw me looking at like 6 months ago at Rainforest Cafe but I refused to spend that much on a mug for myself. Can you imagine a teenager being that sweet. Its rare and believe me she has her moments but I am still blessed to have such caring girls. The other one, 11 yrs, went with Grandma last weekend and bought her older one a cute shirt with big rhinestones on it. And she said, "I spent my own money that I earned cleaning for Grandma". I just love my kids, especially now... when they are sound asleep. lol

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