Sunday, March 15, 2009

Options Needles Rock

This is a post I made in my Options ravelry group. thought it was cute and wanted to share.

"Hi Everybody, My name is Spyce and I’m addicted to Options needles. (hears the crowd chiming “hi Spyce”.) I am a true Options head. My needles of choice are the interchangeable circulars. I have been strung out on the nickel plated ones for like two years now. I got my first Options high after I got tired of buying circs in all different sizes and lenghts and they always looked so disarrayed. I searched and searched, didnt like Denises or Bates and Addis ddidnt have a whole set back then. Plus Options came with a beautiful case and little plastic pockets and the little keys and stuff. That was all the paraphenalia a junkie like me needed. I cant kick this habit and just yesterday I copped my delivery of Harmony size 7 interchangeables and 40 inch cables (seems like my main length these days). I didnt need them … just couldnt put off buying them another day. And you know once you buy one thing you might as well get 50 bucks worth so you can get the free shipping. (well that might be a story for another post) Just wanted to say hi and thanks for having a place for a options fiend like me to come."

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