Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ok, so I'm not really playing with myself because this is a family show. lol But once when my son was really lil dude, a really loud lil dude, I asked him what he was doing (because he was making so much noise in the playroom) and he said,"Oh Ah'mm jus playin wit maself". I was just one of those times that a mommy never forgets. And that's how I feel when I play with my yarns and stuff. Just damn happy. lol Let me show you why. Part of the stash from Knitpicks. The lovely Tidepool Swish and tadaaah, the exquisite Harmony size 7 tips.

This shot features Harmony and my first attempt at a ball using my new yarnballer. Probably not as neat as they will be once i get some practice.

And this is my second attempt. I held the yarn for better tension which worked out much better. But I dont have a swifter and wont be buying one so I had to keep stopping to straighten the 400 yard hank which of course is the fun and dainty Knitpick Shimmer. I have had Shimmer for at least two years, because I refuse to have two lace patterns going at one time and since my last one has been on snooze for like a year and a half, I just pull this yarn out and finger it every now and then.
More from my latest haul. This is the cheerful Essential kettle dyed sock yarn. This is just two balls but it will be more thatn enough for a cute pair of anklets and something for the baby.
Boy, do I adore those Harmony's.

These socks are like the second or third pair I made. They are Essential sock yarn in my fave color Granny Apple. And this is also how I know I can get anklets and .....

this ... which will be a hat for my new baby cousin. I think I will name it The Prince's Crown. I designed it and will share the pattern on Ravelry soon. It probably uses 20-25 grams of sock yarn. Don't you just love these cute little stitchmarkers. Would you consider making stitchmarkers another hobby or the same as knitting? Hmmmmm....

I also made these for the baby. They are like 2 inches long. cute as pie. But I'm not happy that I couldnt match up the stripes. I was really just trying to see if you could actually make theem with a ball as small as a walnut like the author said. and yeah you can and have some left over. (just not enough for the stripe repeat darnit)


  1. Just so you know, you can use a (large) lamp (with the shade atatched) as a swift. Just remove the little knob at the top to allow it to turn freely.

    Also if you go on Ravelry and go to the patterns tab and type in "Swift", it will show you many homemade swift "pattens".

    Hope that helps.

  2. Oh yeah??? that's a good idea. we will come up with some improvisations wont we? Thanks for the info.