Friday, March 13, 2009

Pattern Smattern

I have been trying to settle down and write up my patterns for some original stuff. I have to do this but its like the most dreary part of knitting. I know the end result will thrill me but its getting there thats a drag. I already see that I will have to use pdf. Dont know how, but I'm sure it will be easy once i get started. I wonder if people write stuff down in a notebook like I do or what. I can hardly ever stop knitting to write down what I'm doing. and going back is a Like right this moment I'm trying to ignore the new delivery I got from Knitpicks today. But I'm soooooo excited to finally have something I've wanted for a while now. Drumroll..........A YARNBALL WINDERRRRRRRRRR ..... YAYYYYYY. I already wound a balll of yarn that was already in a pull skein but I just wanted to try it and didnt feel like going to get any of the hanks I havent touched because I didnt feel like hand winding. I works pretty good. The cakes are a little on the small side I think but thats okay. I also got a pair of the Harmony wood needles. They are so cute and smooth as can be and they feel so good when you use them. I am addicted to my Options set and adding the wooden ones works out great. Okay well back to my toys. I will take pictures soon.

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