Friday, January 22, 2010


These are just a few of the things that can bring out my smile on any old random day. First we have a little something I ordered on the net. For the longest I had a piece of cork but with the new pc it just seemed a shame not to have something cute. So this is what I ended up with because of my fetish for blue, love of the original, and novelty of the following. ... It's a one piece puzzle!?!?!
No .... it's Starry Night by Van Gogh and it's my new....... mousepad! Loooovvve it.
A gift from my sweet sister and a new addition to my collection in beautiful turqoise and ebony. I love the colors. And since I am revealing all of my little idiocentricities today, I have to add that my sister is one of the few people who shares my exact love of containers. We always notice bags boxes and containers. But since she is less likely than I to retain them, she usually gives to me. All that said, I love the box that came with the mug. Its definately going in my collection.

Then there came the following additions to my fastly growing addition to collecting quilting fabric. I love the african inspired print with the mommy and little girl. An the batik that I bought with it is in one of my all time fave color schemes. These will end up in several things but first I have a girlfriend that moved away that I love and miss sooo much and I am goind to make her a quilt for her new home.
Then there's this little bunch of sunshine. Lovveee it. All of these colors make me smile and most will go on my own personal quilt which I haven't been able to decide a motif for. It may be a log cabin design.

DOLL QUILT UPDATE!!! I am hand quilting and really enjoying it. I am doing some kind of spiral on each flower design. Can you tell? Its puckering already. I wish I had someone to critique it so that I wont get into any bad habits. so if by chance you are reading this and want to tell me something I am doing all wrong, please do so. After this I will start my first string quilt project. Another doll quilt will make me practice more. I like the hand quilted look but I know I can only handle it on small projects. And I will follow a pattern so that I am not just making up as I go. We'll see.

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