Monday, February 1, 2010


Yeah! I finiwshed my first string quilt. It was so much fun. I am going to give it to my nephew as a teddy bear blanket. I love the colors and overall design asthetic. I ven like the size of the block and trim peices in the front. I did like the back but I had a few problems with it as I quilted. Got a little confused about the mitered corners. They did not turn out right. Also I had a hard time with the hand quilting method of rocking the needle. I like the concept and I was able to acheive a version of it. But I couldnt keep just the tip of wither finger on the needle; I had to pinch the needle a little to feel like I had control over where it was going. Furthermore, the bottom shifted a little and I ended up with an unwanted pucker. I am also wondering whether I should allow the puckering I encountered during the n0rmal course of quilting or should I be doing something differently. Hmmmmm???? Well I was in a hurry to report the finish to Stephanie over at Loft Creations for her No Strings Quilt Challenge. But I think I will sleep on it and try to come up with some solutions for the problems I encountered.

These are the pictures of the little quilt but not the actual bear recipient. This is just a standin.

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