Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ok, did I actually eliminate two items on my list this time? Well that remains to be seen. What I did was make a camera cozy ala Sew-Mad's camera case tutorial. I think it came out very well. I chose to string quilt the outer shell because I love those colors and they are fabrics I only planned to use together on accessories because they dont seem to be suitable for a quilt per se.

So my question is whether it can be considered one of my projects for Loft's String Quilt Challenge ? It's actually more than 50% strips on paper foundation. (ssspyce pushes the latent lawyer tendencies down). Well I'm going to ask Stephanie. I'l be crossing my fingers. lol

Here are the pictures. I first took it with my phone inside because I was using the camera to take the picture, duhhhhh. But as I was posting this I looked in the drawer and found an older camera to take a camera actually in the camera cozy pic. lol

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