Friday, February 12, 2010


The project was coming along wonderfully. I had modified the pattern for the cell phone case my little girl requested once she saw my camera case from yesterday. She wanted it to be the same material i had been working on for her pillow. So I decided to use parts of 2 of the squares that I had not squared yet. Hence, the whole thing form start to finish was taking about a half hour, plenty of time for me to start dinner before they got back form a group meeting. Just as I was finishing and trying to iron the flap seams into submission, IT happened. You know what I mean; the IT that makes you want to say "SSSSHHH*******". I had pressed the velcro. I got a small sick feeling in my gut. The sticky part was completely gone. I thought maybe it wasnt as bad as it seemed so I tried to connect the two parts anyway. The sewing gods laughed. So I had to pull out the old SR (seam ripper; synonymous with grim reaper). Ok I was refocused. I'll just hand stitch it, no problem. My kid wont even notice the black remnants that wont come off. I got right at it. Thimble in my quilting basket by my bed, I will go barefingered for this little task. I finished in record time. I auditioned the close and ........ WTFFFFFFFFFF???? I had sewn the wrong piece. I now have two sticky pieces and no fuzzy piece. I looked around for the camera. This had to be a prank. The little faux pas* had already caused the half hour project to take forty five minutes. Alas, I perservere. Voila! ... the proof, pics:

*So my lovely mature 17 year old has an excellent vocabulary and has been known to read the dictionary and use a new word everyday. She is so concerned with words that she makes up completely convincing words and phrases the either dont exist or are completely nonsensical. She has even fooled an educated adult now and again (but not me... lol). So anyway, the other day we were playing Scrabble and I kinda slid in the word "faux" on her (not above the occasional challenge to the rules). So she goes, "foux" like fox with an extra vowel. I said no "faux" like "faux fur" meaning fake. She got this wierd look on her face, sort of blank but sad but disgusted. Then she looked me in the eye and said, "Mama, you mean to tell me all this time I thought I had some kind of fancy animal hair jacket because when Daddy bought it there was a big tag that said "faux fur" and all I got is a fake fur...manmade????!!! I thought I was gonna have cramps I laughed so hard. Kids... you havent lived without them.

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