Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So, a little while ago, like 2 maybe 3 weeks or so, I made these dishcloths and tea towel from the last of some cotton scraps. It was intended for my own kitchen which I tend to neglect somehow by throwing anything in there to handle dishes. I had some nondiscript potholders which I think my kids threw away. They began grabbing anything to us as a potholder substitute. So I knew I would soon make some new ones.
Apparently I was not quick enough as there seemed to have occurred a mishap with my lovely tea towel. Boy was I mad. No one fessed up to the dasterdly deed. After the initial shock wore off, I investigated the burned area. To my dismay it came apart in my fingers. I began to unravel first the crocheted edging , then the chinese waffled sticthes. It had burned form the bottom edge; even more disconcerting this because one cannot simply frog and restitch from the wrong end. I knew I had to go down at least to where I'm pointing to clear the scorch.
Especially since I only had this small amount of yarn left to redo it.

But i made it work and after it is laundered, it should look good as new. Yeaaaa Me.

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