Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I got the message loud and clear. I made the promised potholders. You know I wonder about the function of the teenage brain sometimes. My youngest (Alleycat) liked that I had made the new potholder (the wonky house). She grabbed it from me and immediately used it to take out some of that bubbly diet lasagna. I almost stroked out. But what did i think, that is what they arre made for. She threw it back to me unceremoniously. Then I finished the bird one. She loveddd it and told me how much she loved the color combo and the way I had quilted it in the Grecian key kinda wonky pattern. I said so you like the bird huh? She said bird? What bird? She was serious. Sh turned it over. She dared me to show her a bird . I had to trace the bird with my finger. She was like, Ohhh, I thought you were going crazy talking bout a square bird. I promise you I felt like I was in the twilight zone. But then I said, well maybe Bizzy (the older girl) will like the house one. Alleycat looked straight at me and said, What house one???!!! Sometimes all you can do when raising a child is pray and then pray again.

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