Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have I been away too long???

Well I have been so busy lately, not to mention that sometimes I fall into my quiet mood. Its not really a funk because I still feel very upbeat and happy. But its just a time to reflect and keep my mouth quiet while I hear from the Lord. It's very informal, no big announcement, no rites or any ceremony, just plain quiet.

Buttt, while doing so it sweems the projects certainly get completed a lot quicker. Let me update you on what I have been up to.
First, I have been plucking away harvesting fruits of the spirit. I create each one with a favortie somebody in mind. I already introduced you to Love, Faith, Joy. Next, in honor of my 21 year old man child, I decided to do Peace. He reminds me of this big tough guy from the city but he is a real animal and little critter lover. It is not unusual to find him gently cratling some little thing or sheading a tender tear over a lost little pet. He's just a very sweet spirited big ole guy. I had wanted to try Lynne's wonky butterfly pattern for a while. And I decided to try my hand at piecing a peace sign. It came out ok. I was going for a little more masculinity, but its ok because it will live here with me and the girls anyway.


Then I continued on to Longsuffering. Wow, not only is this a complex spirit to comprehend. It is also a little long to peice quilt. But my MIL requested it and gave me the concept behind why whe wanted it and so I performed as instructed. I will share with you her story behind this fruit. While raising my husband and his two older brothers, she had a really hard time. Their father and her husband was not very supportive and eventually she left him. And when she did she cried out to the Lord to help her raise these boys to become educated and God fearing. God sent her a vision that not only would they be that but they would become Ministers and Businessmen, all of them. Since that day she devoted her entire life to God's work. Though her sons gave and continue to give that promise form God a challenge to say the least, she has never let go of the dream. Everyone who knows her knows this is her wish for the remaining two sons. The eldest son, Vic, a CPA, was saved and began a wonderful ministery with his wife and family which consisited of 7 adopted children of all races and ages. Two years ago, he passed away. MIL was very stoic as we lay him to rest. But since then she says that all along she wondered why Vic had been so adament about his salvation and ministry. Now she knows that he was to one who would return to the Lord first so he had to hurry and establish his way.She finds tremendous solice in this and so do we. Her little quilt speaks for itself.

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