Monday, April 5, 2010


While I am no longer able to go out among the homeless of our community because of doctor's orders, my children always make their effort to represent the whole family in service. My children dont want baskets anymore. We usually go somewhere for dinner, but this year all extended family went out of town. So, my MIL brought a small buffet style dinner to us and it was delicious. We had bible study and ate and fellowshiped.
Below is a picture of one of the bags my kids passed out to underprivileged children. They brought this one to me. They also served Good Friday dinner, performed the Ressurection skit, and played games like Cakewalk where each kid got to win their own big Easter cake. Funny, because when we celebrated my daughter's birthday this weekend we had to go out and buy a cake after having given out all those Easter cakes. As I said, it was a great Easter for us.
This is the sweetest little elephant that ever graced a chain. My eldest daughter, who is always thinking of me, brought this back from the mall. I just adore cute!

Well thats all for now. I hope your Easter was as blessed as ours. I'll be back tomorrow with a craft finish.

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